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Our mission is to help individuals embrace their life's experiences while creating beautiful bonds.


 A world where individuals embrace their authentic selves, radiate self-love, and compassionately uplift one another. 


Through thought-provoking conversations, community resources, and a network of locations and events, we envision a global community united by the power of free hair services, comprehensive hair education, and transformative self-care and confidence-building events. Together, we inspire personal growth, celebrate diversity, and foster a safe and inclusive space where everyone's truth is heard, valued, and supported.

"Beauty /byoodee'/: product of our individual experiences, finds its expression in each and every one of us."

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Be A Part Of
The Change

Recent & Upcoming Events

Join Me In Person!

New Breakfast Menu

Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

If you or someone you may know is interested in donating their time or  provide supplies please click the link

Volunteer with Us

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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